Participation allowance

Stap voor stap

  1. Check online if you are eligible for the participation allowance (only in Dutch).
  2. If that is the case, apply for the allowance.
  3. We will inform you in writing of our decision within 8 weeks.

Do you have a low income? If so, you can apply online for the participation allowance from 4 Februari until 31 December 2019 (online in Dutch). It's our way of ensuring that everyone, regardless of income, can participate in a sport, dancing lesson or hobby class. The participation allowance can also be used for free bus travel, a reduced-price library membership and discount tickets for a swimming pool. Or to pay the parents contribution or buy things for school.

Vanaf 1 februari kun je de Meedoenbijdrage 2020 digitaal aanvragen op deze pagina.