Choose the type of wedding or partnership

Step by step

  1. Decide which type of wedding or partnership it will be (Dutch only).
  2. Choose a date and a location.
  3. Both of you complete an announcement.
  4. You print and sign the announcement, and send it to us, together with any documents required.
  5. We will send you a confirmation (or a request for more information) within 1 week.

There are 3 ways of entering into a marriage or registering a partnership. Many marriages or partnerships are entered into with a ceremony, but it can also be done without a ceremony (the no-frills wedding/partnership) or free (the no-charge wedding/partnership).

Option 1: Wedding/partnership with ceremony

A wedding or registered partnership ceremony takes place in the Wedding Room in the Town Hall or at a location of your choice.

getrouwd stel met handen in harvorm

Option 2: no-frills wedding/partnership registration

The no-frills wedding/partnership registration is a quick and less expensive way of marrying or registering a partnership. The two of you, with your two witnesses, are welcome. There is unfortunately no room for guests.

bruid met boeket

Option 3: no-charge wedding/partnership registration

The no-charge wedding/partnership registration was originally intended for people with a modest income. Every municipality is obliged to offer the opportunity, twice a week, of holding a no-charge wedding/partnership registration.

Since this service is in great demand, the option is often booked 8 to 10 months in advance.

A condition of a no-charge wedding/partnership registration is that at least one of you is resident in Eindhoven.

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