Marriage and registered partnership

Step by step

  1. Decide which type of wedding or partnership it will be (Dutch only).
  2. Choose a date and a location.
  3. Both of you complete an announcement.
  4. We will send you a confirmation (or a request for more information) within 1 week.

You have decided to marry or enter into a registered partnership. It's an exciting time. You can arrange matters with the Municipality of Eindhoven in 3 easy steps. A wedding or registered partnership ceremony can be reserved no earlier than 1 year, and no later than 2 weeks before the date desired.

In the Netherlands, a registered partnership is almost equal to marriage. The rights and responsibilities between married couples and registered partners are the same, as are the conditions and requirements you have to meet and the documents you have to provide. We will therefore refer to it as marriage/registered partnership from now on. You indicate your choice in the announcement.

If neither of you has Dutch nationality and you might want to marry abroad in the future, a Dutch registered partnership can lead to unexpected problems abroad. Do you have any questions about this? Please get in touch with us by phone, on 14040, or send an e-mail to Or call 14040 to make an appointment into Residents Plaza. 

The rules governing the community of property system in a marriage or registered partnership will change from 1 January 2018. The new system will be one of a 'limited' community of property. This has consequences for the distribution of possessions and debts existing before the marriage or partnership, and of any gifts or presents either of you receive during your marriage or partnership. For more information about the changes, go to

We wish you every happiness and a wonderful day. Would you prefer to discuss the announcement, and the choice of date, time and location in person? Please make an appointment and pop up at the Residents' Plaza (in the Stadskantoor). You can also always get in touch with us with any other questions you may have about marrying or entering a registered partnership in Eindhoven.