Reading aid

Our website can also be used by people who are visually impaired (blind or partially sighted) or who suffer from dyslexia. As an aid, we use the Reading aid function (Browsealoud). This allows you to have a page read aloud for you, or to magnify the letters.

How does the reading aid work?

There is a ‘Reading aid’ link at the top of each page. Click on this link to open the reading aid task bar, and start the reading aloud process.

Place the cursor on the text and after a short while, the text will be highlighted, and the reading aid will start. Navigating is simple: just place the cursor on any other text that you wish to have read aloud, and it will automatically start.

Leeshulp Menubalk

If you’re using a smartphone or tablet, just press the text. After a moment, the text will be highlighted, and the website will be read aloud.

All options

These are the available options you can use in the Reading aid:

Read aloud

The page will be read aloud. This function is switched on by default.

Leeshulp voorlezen

Read aloud current selection

Reads aloud selected text or from the top of the page.

Leeshulp voorlezen selectie


This button allows you to automatically translate the text into another language.

Leeshulp vertalen

MP3 maker

Converts the selected text to MP3.

Leeshulp MP3 maker

Screen mask

By moving your cursor, a part of the screen will be highlighted.

Leeshulp schermmasker


Magnifies the text and reads it aloud.

Leeshulp lichtkrant


  • Extracts the important text from the page and lays it out clearly.
  • You can enlarge the font and change the colours in this function.
  • Also makes the page easy to print.
Leeshulp vereenvoudigen


You can adjust the settings and preferences of the Reading aid to your personal needs.

Leeshulp instellingen


Help page listing the options.

Leeshulp help