Sign up! Transform the central station area Eindhoven from a place to travel through to a place you want to stay!

What do you see when you look around the Eindhoven central station? What do you experience, what do you think and what do you feel? Right now, this is an area with a lot of asphalt, office buildings and people on the move. Is this an area you like? Or do you only come here to travel through, by train or bus? And do you put your bike somewhere around the station like thousands of others? Or do you also see an area with opportunities and possibilities for fun activities. Because from now on and the next 15 years we will be working here on transforming this place  around Eindhoven central station, into a place to live, work and relax.

Now, nobody lives here

But it ’will not stay that way. As of yet, there are only offices full of companies situated in this area. But in the coming years, between 5,000 and 8,000 homes will be added. You may not be able to imagine that now. And that makes sense. We have that too.

We are looking for thinkers

We are already thinking about what this environment should look like in the future. And we don't want to think alone. We need help! Do you want to think with us about the future of this area?? You can! By thinking along, but also by dreaming. Dreams about what the future will look like here. How we meet each other. And what you can do here. A place that invites everyone to stay. Where you decide to take a later train. Just because you're having a good time here.

How do you participate?

Participate and sign up! Then we know who you are, and so we can contact you. Together we look at how you can help change this area. A unique opportunity to help build Eindhoven of the future!

Now working title KnoopXL but ...

We are already looking for a catchy name. A name that fits better with Eindhoven. That is also something we want to think about with you. Because "Eindhoven Internationale Knoop XL" is our working title. Or rather, KnoopXL. You are very welcome to unravel that knot.