Work in progress on the Vestdijk

The refurbishment of the Vestdijk-Hertogstraat began on 3 September. The work will take place in six phases and last until early 2020.

The scheduled refurbishment of Kanaalstraat will also be included in this work. The impending implementation means the phased introduction of an attractive green city boulevard which provides more space for pedestrians and bikes and one lane for cars and one for buses.

The work itself will be invasive, because it also involves underground preparation. This will cause unavoidable inconvenience. We will do everything we can to keep this to a minimum. The phased approach ensures that the city centre will be accessible at all times. Visitors entering the city from the south should take either Hertogstraat/Vestdijk (purple route) or Kanaaldijk-Zuid/Kanaalstraat (orange route) depending on where the work is taking place at the time.

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Phased approach
We started on the Vestdijk (from the intersection 18 Septemberplein/Stationsweg) and we will end in Hertogstraat. We keep residents and businesses involved up to date with each phase about the work and the accessibility. An accessibility plan has been drawn up, with measures (also for traffic) in order to keep the centre easily accessible. You can read about those measures in the document below.

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