An appealing city centre

The centre of Eindhoven is undergoing large-scale development. There are many plans being put into action, one of which is the refurbishment of the Station district. Another is the renovation of the city centre streets with the red paving stones and Stratumseind, scheduled to be carried out in 2020. The present design has become outdated. ‘Binnenstadsvisie Eindhoven 2025’ lays out the vision for the city centre, and it's an ambitious one.

Our objective is a fun, green city centre, where you also get the feeling that you're at the heart of Brainport. A city heart which feels like home to Eindhoveners, while being a popular destination of guests from the Netherlands and abroad. A green and healthy environment, whether for relaxation or to meet up with others, and where you experience, on a daily basis, what Eindhoven stands for: technology, design and knowledge.

What will the new city centre look like? We are currently working on this, step by step, in consultations with residents, entrepreneurs and visitors to the city centre. In August 2019, a decision was made about the new paving. Watch the video here (in Dutch). The goal is to make a definite plan for a design which will guarantee a healthy future for our city centre.

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This project is made possible in part through co-financing from the European Union through the UNaLab Project. More information: