Social welfare benefits

Step by step

  1. Submit a request at of the UWV.
  2. Make an appointment with a staff member at WIJeindhoven.
  3. Are welfare benefits the best option? If so, draw up the application together.
  4. You will be allocated a 'Benefits contact' by the Municipality of Eindhoven.
  5. Keep your contact informed of any changes in your situation or if you are going on holiday.

Do you live in Eindhoven, and find it impossible to live from your benefits or wages? You may be eligible for social welfare benefits (based on the Participation Act, IOAZ or IOAW). Social welfare benefits are a temporary supplement intended to bring you, or your family's income up to the level of minimum wage. This supplement is for you to pay your living costs, such as rent and food. Submit a request at of the UWV.