Information about the number of benefits

This page offers information about the number of unemployment benefits (WW) and Social Domain benefits available in Eindhoven:

What information will I find here?

The fact sheet below (only in Dutch) contains details of the number of benefits based on:

  • the Unemployment Act (WW)
  • the Participation Act (PW)
  • welfare benefits for the self-employed, both starters and established (BBZ)
  • income scheme for the elderly and partially disabled employees (IOAW)

The fact sheet is updated every month with the latest information (only in Dutch).

The list also contains:

  • information about the composition of people receiving benefits, by age;
  • the number of job vacancies in the Zuid-Oost Brabant region (the labour market Eindhoven is part of);
  • the percentage of WW and PW compared to the professional population;
  • a graph showing the development of the WW and PW numbers.