Care and support

Do you need care or support through the Social Support Act (Wmo) or Youth Care Act? Get in touch with WIJeindhoven. They will help you find the very best solution for you.

Step by step

  1. Phone WIJeindhoven to make an appointment.
  2. Discuss with a staff member of WIJeindhoven the various options for support.
  3. WIJeindhoven will help you sort out the applications.

For example:

  • modifications in your home;
  • counselling at home;
  • daytime activities;
  • temporary residence in a housing facility;
  • household help;
  • means of transport such as modifications to the car, special bicycles or taxi transport;
  • foster care;
  • questions about parenting and growing up;
  • youth care;
  • mobility resources such as an electric wheelchair or buggy.

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