Changing gender information

Step by step

  1. Make an appointment.
  2. Come to Residents' Plaza (Inwonersplein)
  3. If you would like to, you can also choose another first name when registering the gender change.
  4. You’re not resident in the municipality of Eindhoven? We’ll pass on the information about the change to the municipality in which you are resident.
  5. The municipality in which you are resident will let you know when the change has been processed.
  6. Apply for a new passport or identity card in the municipality in which you are resident.

Have you made a definite decision to change gender, and do you have a statement from an expert in transgender matters? Then you can change the gender stated on your birth certificate and in the Key Register of Persons (Basisregistratie Personen, BRP). If you were born in Eindhoven, you can do that here. Make an appointment to do this.