Choosing the date, time and location of your wedding/partner registration

Step by step

  1. Decide which type of wedding or partnership it will be.
  2. Choose a date and a location.
  3. Both of you complete an announcement.
  4. You print and sign the announcement, and send it to us, together with any documents required.
  5. We will send you a confirmation (or a request for more information) within 1 week.

Due to renovation of Stadhuis, marriage and partnership ceremonies will be held in Van Abbemuseum from 4 November through 1 December 2019.

You can marry in the Town Hall, at another location that is accepted by the municipality as a wedding location or at a location of your own choosing. If you choose to have a no-frills wedding or free wedding, the marriage will take place at Residents' Plaza (in the Stadskantoor).

Choosing the date

Check the calendar below to see if your preferred date/time is available, and make the reservation. Once you have done that, you both must complete an 'Announcement' (Aankondiging). We need to receive these within 3 working days of you reserving your date and time. If not, we will release the date and time. As soon as we have received both 'Aankondigingen', we will send you written confirmation. Only then are the time and date officially reserved for you.


The date for the wedding or partnership registration can be booked no less than 2 weeks and no more than 1 year in advance. This period starts from the moment we receive the announcements. So, the date should be at least 14 days from today plus the number of days needed for delivery.

Do make sure you enter the names in the calendar exactly as they appear on your identity document. Changing or cancelling the reserved date can only be done personally at the counter at Residents' Plaza.

Choosing a different location

Do you wish to marry at a location other than the Town Hall (Stadhuis)? Below you find a list of Eindhoven locations that have been granted a licence for a year.

Locations with a license for 2019:

Locations with a license for 2020:


Did you have another location in mind? Ask the municipality to designate your chosen location as a wedding location for one day. The fee for this is 150 Euros. The location must meet the requirements.

Fill in the details on the screen, print the application and send it to Gemeente Eindhoven, Afdeling PC/BEO, cluster huwelijken, Postbus 90150, 5600 RB Eindhoven.