Announcing your marriage/partnership to the municipality

Step by step

  1. Decide which type of wedding or partnership it will be.
  2. Choose a date and a location.
  3. Both of you complete an announcement.
  4. You print and sign the announcement, and send it to us, together with any documents required.
  5. We will send you a confirmation (or a request for more information) within 1 week.

If you wish to marry or enter a registered partnership in Eindhoven, announce this to us no later than two weeks and no earlier than a year beforehand. You should both complete an announcement form (only in Dutch).

Print both completed announcement forms, sign them and send them, together with any documents required, to Gemeente Eindhoven, t.a.v. het cluster huwelijken/partnerschappen, postbus 90150, 5600 RB Eindhoven. You can send them together or apart.

You can also make the announcement at the appropriate counter at Inwonersplein in case you have questions that you want to discuss. You can schedule an appointment online. If you have already decided you would like a formal booklet of the marriage or registered partnership, you can select one.