Marriage/partnership ceremony at the Town Hall (Stadhuis)


Due to renovation of Stadhuis, marriage and partnership ceremonies will be held in Van Abbemuseum from 4 November through 1 December 2019.

The wedding room at the Town Hall is a perfect location for your marriage or partnership ceremony. There is room for around 40 guests, with pride of place in the oval-shaped set-up for you, the ceremonial couple.

Eindhoven Town Hall was built in 1968, and completely renovated in 2002. A number of unique elements were incorporated into the design. Neon ceiling lighting guides the ceremonial couple to their place. The side view of the lectern represents the Eindhoven skyline.
The original design of the Town Hall was by architect Van der Laan. The renovation in 2002, and the design of the wedding room, was done by architects Arie Van Rangelrooij and the Staal/Christensen agency.

Parking at the Town Hall

The bride's car may stand in front of the entrance to the Town Hall while the guests can park in the parking garage below Stadhuisplein (paid parking).

Events on Stadhuisplein

Events are regularly organised on and around Stadhuisplein. It may be that an event is being set up, or is happening, on the day of your wedding or partnership ceremony. It is sometimes only possible for guests to enter the Town Hall through the side entrance. We try to keep the nuisance to a minimum, and to keep you as well-informed as we can.

You can consult the events calendar here. Take note: some events need to be set up 2 to 4 days beforehand.

From 4 November through 1 December, the wedding room will be located in Van Abbemuseum

Due to renovation of Stadhuis, marriage and partnership ceremonies will be held in Van Abbemuseum from 4 November through 1 December 2019. The museum has two rooms available for the purpose:

The Studio in Van Abbemuseum. The studio is located at the heart of the museum and offers a fixed layout with seating for around 80 guests. In the Studio, your ceremony will take place under the work of art  Het Volksparlement van Rojava, van Jonas Staal.

The Auditorium in Van Abbemuseum. The Auditorium has a fixed theatre layout and offers seating for around 115 guests. It was designed by Maarten van Severen

Outside the dates in our Town Hall-wedding calender, the Van Abbemuseum is available as an external wedding location , but different fees apply. 
Van Abbemuseum also offers the option of using the Karel 1 museumcaféGet in touch personally to discuss options and costs.

Parking facilities at Van Abbemuseum

The bridal car can wait at the museum entrance. Guests can use the parking garage under Stadhuisplein, for example (paid parking).


Would you rather discuss the ins and outs of your wedding/partnership ceremony in person? Phone to make an appointment. You can also phone us about any other questions you may have about marrying or entering into a registered partnership in Eindhoven.