Passport and identity card


Due to the corona virus, we have requested travel documents (ID card or passport) (from 12 March) temporarily delivered to your home. This means you only have to come by once. You will receive information about this during the application procedure. We take care of the extra costs. 

A passport or identity card can be used for travel and as proof of identity. Everyone over the age of 14 is required to be able to show proof of identity. Residents of Eindhoven with Dutch nationality can apply for a passport or identity card at the appropriate counter at Residents' Plaza, Stadhuisplein 1. To do this, make an appointment online to request a passport or request an identity card.

What are the differences between a passport and an identity card? Find the answers at (only in Dutch).

Has your passport or identity card been lost or stolen? Please report it to us (only in Dutch).

Aanvraag van paspoort of id-kaart

Step by step

  1. Make an appointment online to request a passport or request an identity card
  2. Come to Residents' Plaza (Inwonersplein) and bring the necessary documents with you.
  3. Make a choice in the application between urgent or delivery and pay the fees specified
  4. Pick up your passport/ID card after 5 working days or wait for delivery