Driving licence

Step by step

  1. Make an appointment.
  2. Apply for your driving licence at the appropriate counter.
  3. After paying, you will receive a receipt.
  4. You can collect your driving licence after five working days at most.

If you pass your driving test or you need to renew your driving licence, make an appointment to apply for your new driving licence at the reception desk. You can also make an appointment by Phone. Call 14 040 (weekdays from 8.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.) and come to the Inwonersplein (Residents’ Plaza) at the appointed time on the appointed day.

Without an appointment you can come to the appropriate counter at the Residents’ Plaza every weekday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

geslaagd voor rijbewijs

What do I need to bring?

  • Valid proof of identity*;
  • If renewing: your current driving licence. Tell us if your driving licence is lost or has been stolen. You will then receive a statement of loss;
  • One passport photo in colour that meets the requirements, see rijksoverheid.nl;
  • Your debit card (or cash);
  • Depending on your age and, state of health: an Gezondheidsverklaring (Statement of Health) see cbr.nl.

*A valid identity document is:

  • A Dutch travel document (a passport, identity card, driving licence or aliens passport, for example);
  • A passport from the EU/EER;
  • A driving licence from the EU/EER;
  • Passports from other lands, which contain a yellow sticker for residence;
  • A residence permit for aliens;


    When can I first apply for a driving licence?

    You may start taking driving lessons, and sit an interim test, when you’re 16½ years old. When you’re aged 17 or older, you may take the practical test at the Centraal Bureau Rijvaardigheidsbewijzen (CBR or Driving Standards Agency).

    If you’ve passed your driving test, you can apply to us for a driving licence. You’re not yet 18 years old? You’ll need a chaperone’s pass. We’ll check our system to see if a chaperone’s pass is registered. If not, you can’t apply for your driving licence. And you may not drive without this pass. If you’re aged 18 or older when you apply for your driving licence, you no longer need a chaperone’s pass.

    You’ll find more information about the chaperone’s pass, getting your licence and driving under 18 years of age at www.rijksoverheid.nl (Dutch only).