Certificate of Non-residence

Step by step

  1. Apply for the certificate (only in Dutch).
  2. Pay the 18 Euros with iDeal.
  3. We'll sent the certificate to your home address within 5 working days.

The Certificate of Non-residence (Uittreksel niet-ingezetene) is proof that you are registered in The Netherlands as a non-resident. You are non-resident if you live, or intend to live, in The Netherlands for less than 4 months, or if you no longer live in the Netherlands but maintain a relationship with the Dutch government (for example if you receive pension or benefits payments abroad). Apply online for a certificate of non-residence (only in Dutch). You’re not yet registered as a non-resident? Read how to register on the Entry in Register of Non-Residents (RNI).

 Did you move abroad before the 1st of October 1994? You can only apply for a certificate af the municipality of The Hague. (only in Dutch).