Lost and found

Have you lost something in Eindhoven? Report it at eindhoven.verlorenofgevonden.nl. You'd like to know if your lost item has been found? Check it at verlorenofgevonden.nl.

Found items

Have you found an item? Decide whether you want to have the owner collect it from your home, or whether you want to hand it in at one of the following locations:

  • Lost and Found office, Vestdijk 147 in Eindhoven;
  • Nachtegaallaan 15 in Eindhoven;
  • Stadhuisplein 10 in Eindhoven;
  • any of these 3 police stations: city centre, Woensel or Stratum.

Have you found a City Pass? You can send it, free of charge, to Gemeente Eindhoven, antwoordnummer 61, 5600VB, Eindhoven.

Any item found (and not being looked after at the finder's home) can be picked up any working day, between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. at the Lost and Found office, Vestdijk 147 in Eindhoven. No appointment is necessary.

If you decide to keep the item at your home, the following rules apply:

  • keep the item in the condition in which you found it;
  • Have you had maintenance costs? You can charge these to the owner;
  • Has it cost you money to trace the owner? You can charge these costs to the owner;
  • In the event the owner does not respond within 12 months, you will be able to take possession of the item.

There are separate rules for the retrieval of keys, official documents (passport, identity card or driving licence), City Passes, bikes and pets.

Step by step

  1. Report a lost item at eindhoven.verlorenofgevonden.nl
  2. Check verlorenofgevonden.nl to see if something you lost has been found.
  3. Collect the item found from the finder, or at the Lost and Found office.