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Proof of Sponsorship

In order to obtain a visa Non-European nationals who wish to stay for max. 3 months require Proof of sponsorship.


You need Proof of sponsorship and/or private accommodation if:

• you wish to act as sponsor for a non-European national who wishes to visit the Netherlands (sponsorship);
• you wish to provide accommodation for a non-European national (provision of accommodation);
• you are acting as a sponsor and providing accommodation.


In order to obtain a visa, non-European nationals who wish to stay in the Netherlands for a maximum of three months require Proof of sponsorship (previously called Garantverklaring). This proof shows that someone from the Netherlands (a family member, friend or acquaintance) will guarantee the payment of any costs (or debts) incurred by the visitor. Proof of sponsorship is required if the visitor is not able to pay all costs during their stay in the Netherlands.

Provision of accommodation

You will require 'Proof of private accommodation' if you wish to provide accommodation in the Netherlands for foreign nationals who require a visa to visit the Netherlands.

On the website of the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) (telephone: 0900 - 123 4561) you will find further information about the conditions governing a stay in the Netherlands. The IND will be able to tell you which foreign nationals require a visa to visit the Netherlands.

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If you wish to act as a sponsor and you have a partner, you will only be able to apply for Proof of sponsorship if your partner is also prepared to be a sponsor.

• A valid proof of identity for those persons who are going to act as sponsors;
Authentication of the signature of the persons wishing to act as a sponsor.

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There are costs associated with this product: €11 per signature.

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Print out the form and fill it in. State the details of the person who requires a visa (under point 4., Foreign national requiring a visa). You must hand in the application form in person (together with your partner, where applicable) at the counter of the Inwonersplein. You (and your partner, where applicable) will be asked to sign the form in the presence of an official of the Municipality of Eindhoven. The official will then authenticate your signature/signatures. For further details see Authentication of a signature.

Once the Proof of sponsorship has been authenticated you must then send the signed form to the visitor who needs to apply for a visa. The visitor must take this form to the Dutch embassy or consulate in their home country in order to apply for a visa.

The Proof of sponsorship is valid for a maximum of three months. This is equal to the period for which a foreign national with a visa is permitted to stay in the Netherlands.

Making an appointment

It is possible to make an appointment to hand in the application form. If you wish to turn up without an appointment, please take note of the opening times.

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