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The information on has been compiled by – and is the responsibility of - the Communications Sector of the municipality of Eindhoven.

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(NB. Only to be used for questions and comments relating to our website. For all other matters, please use the general email address. See contact page.)

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The information on this site is provided and maintained by the Communications Sector of the municipality of Eindhoven and is copyrighted by the municipality of Eindhoven.


The municipality of Eindhoven is responsible for the content of this website. It makes every effort to ensure that the information it contains is always correct and up-to-date, guided by the standards laid down in the code of conduct governing the relationship between citizen and government BurgerServiceCode. If, despite the care taken, you come across an inaccuracy, we would be very grateful if you would inform us. You can choose how you wish to contact us. All the necessary details can be found on the contact page.

If you use the web form to pose a question or submit a complaint, it will be handled in accordance with the guidelines on the handling of email correspondence by government bodies. On the web forms, the number of required fields has been kept to a minimum.

Press announcements, newsletters, etc. should be sent by email to the website editor, who will decide on a case-by-case basis whether to place it. A reply will not be sent to these emails. Nor will any response be given to offensive emails.

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Privacy Statement

The municipality of Eindhoven does not use any personal details other than those you have placed on the website, and it only uses said details for the purpose for which they were provided. The details are not stored longer than is necessary for the purpose for which they were provided. Use of this website is governed by the Dutch Data Protection Act (Wbp).

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The municipality of Eindhoven strives to ensure that complies with the web guidelines 2.

The municipality of Eindhoven strives to ensure that complies with the web guidelines. The Dutch government has drawn up guidelines on accessibility to be used as a standard for government websites such as These web guidelines cover the design, building and management of websites. They are based on international quality and accessibility standards and on tried and tested solutions for professionals. 

This website is compliant with the web guidelines 2 relating to design and functionality. Webeditors focus constantly on the compliancy of text, images, etc.  


There are exceptions to the aim to comply with the web guidelines 2:

Exceptions include cases where certain content or a particular application would improve accessibility for a large number of people but its implementation is not compliant with the web guidelines, e.g. because it would cause insurmountable problems in terms of capacity or resources.  The basic principle is that if information from the municipality is important for everyone, it must also be readily accessible.

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The municipality of Eindhoven website places various cookies. You can decide which cookies you wish to block or allow.

The municipality of Eindhoven website places various cookies. You can decide which cookies you wish to block or allow. A cookie is a simple file that is sent together with pages from this website and then stored on your PC, tablet or cell phone by your browser. Cookies have various functions. As a visitor to the website, you can indicate which's you wish to block or allow.

When you first visit our website, you will be asked to accept all cookies. You can change this cookie setting at any moment via ‘change your cookie settings’ at the bottom of each page.

Absolutely essential cookies

Absolutely essential cookies are those cookies without which the website would not function effectively. They are activated automatically when you visit the site. You do not have to give permission for these cookies, which are used for such things as remembering your language preference or whether you have completed a questionnaire.

Statistics and research

The municipality of Eindhoven uses these statistical cookies to gather data on the use of the website so that it can tailor the website to match visitors’ needs. The program used is called Google Analytics. The municipality cannot see who (which PC) is visiting its site. Nor does Google Analytics gather any personally identifiable information without explicit permission. Privacy policy Google


These ‘third-party cookies’ are placed to allow links to other parties’ website services, such as YouTube films, the sharing of articles on social media (via AddThis) and Google Maps geographical maps and route descriptions.

  • YouTube (owned by Google) uses cookies to gather data. YouTube uses that data to check the accuracy of video statistics, prevent fraud, improve user experience, etc. Google privacy policy.
  • Google uses cookies to store various preferences, such as the user’s preferred zoom level in Google Maps. It also uses cookies for statistical purposes. Google privacy policy.
  • AddThis gathers non-personally identifiable information on what you share on social media via the buttons at the bottom of our web pages. It uses this information to provide its clients (including the municipality of Eindhoven) with statistics, but also to track trends etc. It shares said information with various parties. AddThis privacy policy.
  • Twitter places a temporary cookie on every page on with a Twitter widget, in order to gather information on which page you visited and which browser you use. Twitter can use said information to offer you tailored tips (such as suggestions about people you might want to follow). Twitter privacy policy.
  • BlueConic uses BCSessions and BCPermissionLevel to remember your cookie settings and to determine which cookies can be placed. Blue Conic privacy policy.
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